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My name is Dejan Srzic Susla,a father of three, two sons Josko, Dejan and daughter Mirna.  I  started coaching at very young age when i was just 19 years old.

After graduating  from a University of Sport and Physical Education in Belgrade, specializing in basketball and after specialization at the University of Notre Dame in USA  my professional coaching career has started.

Having more than 30 years of coaching experience, coaching in 6 different  leagues and  8 different countries,working as a head coach and assistant coach in over 13 teams and 11 selections of Yugoslavian - Serbian Nationals Teams.

I have worked a  long side many great coaches. I am a also proud to have coached many talented players and help personally develop many of them, which over 20 of them had a opportunity to play in NBA or were drafted by  NBA team.


Players such as:

Vlade Divac (LA Lakers,Sacramento Kings) 

Drazen Petrovic (Portland Blazers, New Jersey Nets)

Nikos Galis (drafted by Boston Celtics, Aris, Panathinaikos) 

Dejan Bodiroga (drafted by Sacramento Kings, Real Madrid, Barcelona..)

Aleksandar Djordjevic (Portland Blazers, Barcelona, Real Madrid..) 

Sasa Danilovic (Miami Heat) 

Rastko Cvetkovic (Denver Nuggets)

Toni Kukoc (Chicago Bulls)

Dino Radja (Boston Celtics)

Stojko Vrankovic (Minnesota Timberwolves) 

Arian Komazec (Vancouver Grizzlies) 

Zan Tabak (Houston Rockets)

Milos Vujanic (drafted by New York Knicks, Barcelona, Panathinaikos..)

Zeljko Rebraca (Detroit Pistons) 

Dragan Tarlac (Chicago Bulls)

Vladimir Radmanovic (LA Lakers, Charlotte)

Predrag Drobnjak (LA Clippers, Atlanta Hawks) 

Zarko Paspalj (San Antonio Spurs)

Pedja Stojakovic (Sacramento Kings)

And many others...

For more detailed information check my other web pages


What they said:

We worked few times together-in „Red Star” and „Edmontonu”. It seems that basketball is in his blood. We can’t deny his knowledge. With great tactics especially at individual field, Factor called luck  stopped him to accomplish what he really deserved. But, it’s never late…

Dule Vujosevic  -  coach of  BC PARTIZAN.

Holds 20  Championship titles. Coached Partizan, Scvolini, CSKA,  Serbia and Montenegro National Team.

was a member of “Stefanel” when I first shook Srzic’s hand at junior’s preparations in Poland. He is a very successful coach, especially when working with  younger categories. Numerous medals are also his credits. Full of great energy and knowledge, Dejan is always there to mark the talents.

Dejan Bodiroga  -  basketball player.

Two time's the MVP of Euroleague, MVP of World Championship in 1998.  Played for Real Madrid, Barselona, Panathinaikos.


“I was the best Dejan Srzic’s pupil. Here is why . Even when I was formed as a player I listened everything what he used to tell me because I knew that every single correction can bring me one point more. I learned a lot from Dejan during 3 years in Aris and I’m very grateful. We stayed in touch with the same mission –connecting young people and basketball, what Dejan does excellent, best in Europe.

Nicos Galis   the best Greek player of all time. 

Member of Hall of Fame and one of the best European players of all time.

He is a professional and hard working man; He created many  basketball stars, even older than him. We need more people like him in sports , high range and skilful. It is sad that his great knowledge isn’t put into one great master-piece and that he was often forced to  stop working. He still lasts and he has a lot to give and show.

Zarko Knezevic  -  played over 200 games for Yugoslavia National Team. Won Gold medal on Euro Basket in Barselona, Silver medal on World Championship in Puerto Rico and on Euro Basket in Belgium. He also won many other personal awards.

He’s the most qualified coach. We worked together 3 years and he had great partnership in Greece. That was the time of Aris domination. He loved basketball so much that he could stay at the gym all day long. I have never seen such love. I believe we will meet again because the destiny is unknown and unpredictable. His power lies in his universality – Dejan can work equally with all categories of basketball players-from seniors to juniors

Giannis Ioannidis  -  the best Greek basketball coach  of all time. The recorder with 18  Greek Championship titles. Coached Aris, Olympiacos, AEK, National team of Greece.


When I was 30 years old I still had to learn a lot from Dejan, an excellent teacher. You can always learn something in basketball and I always  listen Dejan’s suggestions. he’s real fanatic, very honest and it’s great minus that none of selections is in his hands for longer time.

Slobodan Subotic  -  formar player now a coach. Coached Panathinaikos, Olympiacos, Paok, Slovenia National Team. 

Some of the players Coach Susla coached individually and helped in their development in recent years:


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